Ready 4 War


This CD gets a high mark on the basis of the music and the ministry it represents. We start up with the lively East Coast roller with R&B flavas, “Are You Ready?” challenging people to live, pray, believe and receive Jesus, “Christ the bread of life, but the world on Atkins.” We enter crunk territory in “Go Fast” where lyrical flows vary it up – we even enter ragga territory. “Bless You” is a banger where R&B meets east coast. Uplifting track and hook “All we wanna do is bless you”. Next up are three R&B tracks encouraging us to “spit out the world’s taste.” There’s a heartfelt message behind every track but the testimony from Ray Nobles on “Lost But Now I’m Found” stands out capturing both the street vibe of the CD and the life-changing Gospel of Jesus. “Warriorz Cry” is a head-nodding track, very Corey Red/Precise. We end with the words “It’s time to believe.” Amen.



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