The Opportunity

Late in 2013, we had the opportunity to begin translating Nicky’s autobiography, Run Baby Run, into 5 new languages – Armenian, Georgian, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. The Armenian and Georgian versions are finished and thousands of free copies have been distributed for evangelism. The Farsi version is near completion. These areas of the world are in extreme need of the Gospel message of Jesus. With the increasing political tensions in these regions, the doors to ministry could close at any time to the West.

Project Scope IN NUMBERS

Translating Nicky’s inspirational memoir into Armenian, Georgian, Turkish, Farsi and Arabic, will spread our message to many non-Christian nations.

Copies in Each Language

By printing 10,000 copies in each of these languages, our ministry will spread God’s word and help millions discover the teachings of Jesus.

$ Total for Project
We’ll be spreading the gospel to hundreds of new communities through Nicky’s groundbreaking story of forgiveness and redemption.
We're currently at 10% of our goal, but an additional $22,500 will enable us to print 3,000 copies in both Armenian & Georgian





Please consider partnering with NCO to help with the translation of Run Baby Run.