The Story of TRUCE

For the past 50+ years, Nicky Cruz has traveled the world speaking to nearly 50 million people in person. For decades this author of 17 books has been driven to reach an at-risk youth culture being decimated by crime, drugs, and gang activity.

Since 1991, Nicky, his daughter and son-in-law—Alicia and Patrick Dow—have been gripped by a passion to evangelize unchurched communities. Out of this passion the TRUCE (To Reach Urban Communities Everywhere) evangelism training program was launched.

TRUCE utilizes urban art forms (rap, hip hop, R and B, spoken word, theater, dance) as a platform to present the Gospel. We partner with local churches to train Christians to evangelize their communities and then hit the neediest areas of a city with a hard-hitting Gospel presentation followed by an altar call for salvation.

TRUCE Lebanon 2019

THREE Essential Facets of TRUCE
Evangelistic Outreach Crusades

For decades, we’ve been transforming urban communities through the gospel. Now we’re training new generations to have a deep impact on communities.

Translating Run Baby Run

A timeless story of a street kid redeemed through Christ, the potential impact of Nicky’s memoir on today’s urban youth is irrefutable.

Promoting Inner-City Evangelism

Through TRUCE, Nicky and his committed team are reaching more troubled youth the way Jesus would—in their own communities and neighborhoods.

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What Does TRUCE Do?

TRUCE is a year-round program that recruits youth from across America—most of whom come from dysfunctional and broken backgrounds—and instills in them a sense of worth and mission. Thoroughly trained and mentored, these youth have the opportunity to share their stories while developing their talents. They record in state-of-the-art studios and have the opportunity to travel to needy communities around the nation. TRUCE partners with local churches, social agencies and law enforcement groups to reach the neediest urban areas.

TRUCE Collaborations
With the help of our collaborators, the TRUCE program's goal is to:
Equip Artists to Spread The Gospel
Urban Christian performers, musicians & visual artists are a powerful instrument for spreading God’s message to their communities.
Partner with Local Churches

For generations, Nicky’s crusade has built powerful gospel alliances with local churches in communities around the world.

Train Members to Reach Out

TRUCE is nurturing young urban evangelists, reinforcing their next generation insights with the wisdom of Nicky and other Christian elders.

Growing Fruit

In response to high demand from many European nations, we are in the early stages of establishing a number of international TRUCE teams.

Our first overseas mission was a tremendous success. Several years ago, Cruz and TRUCE were invited to England for a four-week outreach program that visited a number of neighborhoods in East London. The initiative was organized by the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, the Home Office (the UK’s version of our Department of Justice), and the office of John Prescott, then Deputy Prime Minister under Tony Blair.
Our Overseas Mission in Numbers
Day Invasion

As TRUCE expands internationally, we will launch more 28-day gospel invasions of troubled urban communities, similar to our London outreach.

Trained Local Volunteers

To successfully fulfill our objectives, we must screen and train at least 300 local volunteers to help launch outreach efforts in new countries.

People Praying

In each city our goal is to see 1,800 or more troubled youth renouncing their former lives, finding salvation and praying as a group.

Crime Reduction Directly Attributed to the Presence & Impact of TRUCE





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