Nicky Cruz


60 Years of Worldwide Evangelism
Spreading the Gospel to Today’s Youth

TRUCE Lebanon 2019

TRUCE (To Reach Urban Communities Everywhere) is an evangelism training program that was launched out of Nicky Cruz’s ministry to evangelize unchurched communities. With a passion for sharing Jesus within cities, TRUCE utilizes urban art forms (rap, hip hop, R and B, spoken word, theater, dance) as a platform to present the Gospel. We partner with local churches to train Christians to evangelize their communities and then hit the neediest areas of a city with a hard-hitting Gospel presentation followed by an altar call for salvation

Check out these highlights from a past TRUCE event and don’t forget to sign up and join us this Summer for our inner city outreach in Lebanon, Pennsylvania!

Run Baby Run Translation Campaign

Late in 2013, we had the opportunity to begin translating Nicky’s autobiography, Run Baby Run, into 5 new languages – Armenian, Georgian, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. The Armenian and Georgian versions are finished and thousands of free copies have been distributed for evangelism. The Farsi version is near completion and will include the entire Book of John, plus Steps to Salvation. These areas of the world are in extreme need of the Gospel message of Jesus. With the increasing political tensions in these regions, the doors to ministry could close at an time to the West.


TRUCE Program

For the past 50+ years, Nicky Cruz has traveled the world speaking to nearly 50 million people in person. For decades this author of 17 books has been driven to reach an at-risk youth culture being decimated by crime, drugs, and gang activity.

Since 1991, Nicky, his daughter and son-in-law—Alicia and Patrick Dow—have been gripped by a passion to evangelize unchurched communities. Out of this passion the TRUCE (To Reach Urban Communities Everywhere) evangelism training program was launched.

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