Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc.
Donor Privacy Policy

Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. relies on the generosity of donors, both local and international.

Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. collects and maintains the following donor information:

  • Contact information ie. Name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Payment information: credit card and expiration date, and billing information needed to complete transactions.
  • Gift designation information by program, fund or event as provided by donor at time of gift.
  • Requests to receive periodic updates via our newsletters and/or social media

External Use of Donor Information:

Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. has never sold or otherwise disclose any personal information.

List Sharing:

Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. has never sold, rent, trade or shared its donor list with any other organization.  Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. never sends out mailing or electronic communications on behalf of other organizations.

Loan(s) To or From Related Parties:

Nicky Cruz Outreach, Inc. does not make loans to related parties:  key officers, staff or Board members.

Board Members:

Elsa Brown
Leon Cairns
Gloria Cruz
Nicky Cruz
Gary Deaton
Alicia Dow
Patrick Dow
Mack Karnes
Victor Kostroub
Dr. Umberto Orazi

Patrick J. Dow
CEO, Nicky Cruz Outreach
Policy approved by the Board of Directors, August, 2018.